After starting up a business, and now looking to expand, the only concept in the minds of entrepreneurs is growth. The focus usually shifts to the challenge of growing the business so intensely that productivity is sometimes neglected. In many ways, it’s not particularly a shortcoming because entrepreneurs tend to think that having more clients is a more important proof of growth than maintaining or even increasing their level of productivity and efficiency in order to keep building their reputation. This is an erroneous belief since the reputation of productivity is really important in the business world. We should understand that increasing our productivity increases the number of clients.


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Sometimes while entrepreneurs are “growing” their business by making more customers and gaining more clients, they don’t prepare for the inevitable increase in workload that comes with it. A business is said to scale its operations when it is able to deal with the resulting increased workload that comes with growth and that business is also able to do it in the same way or even better, productively and cost-effectively.


In the previous article (insert link here), we established the need for virtual assistants and their vital role in business growth. This article is going to highlight how you can make the best use of the services of your virtual assistant (assuming you took our advice an got one)

1. Realign your budget: – Reduction in cost of operations is one of the most important reasons why people hire VAs. The employer doesn’t have to pay for any benefits because VAs will pay for their own internet, rent, and power supply. As entrepreneurs, you can use these savings which usually amount to about 40% of business expenditures to re-align or re-invest in other aspects of your business such as an operating systems upgrade.

2. Scale your business: – Scaling requires extra hands (which thankfully, you now have) to adjust to the steadily increasing amount of workload. To be honest, business growth without scaling of operations is not growth at all in the long run. Take for instance, as an entrepreneur, you started quite small with a handful of clients but you ensured that you built your reputation on trust, proficiency, and efficiency. Now your clients are used to quality service, and this quality service gets you good referrals and soon, your business starts to grow. Along with this growth comes greater workload than you are used to and soon your momentum drops due to failure to make deadlines, or poor service. Over time, you lose trust, then lose clients, and much sooner, money. The help of virtual assistants will share the workload in a way that will help you produce like always or even better.

3. Organize your business: – Organization always stimulates productivity but a sole entrepreneur will almost never have time to hone their organization skills and even though it’s not particularly a shortcoming, it has become a crucial weakness in business. With so much work to do, organization is usually pushed to the bottom of the endless to-do-list. VAs can design a framework that will help you keep your system of operations organized while you go about keeping your services quality.

4. Delegation of less essential tasks: – These tasks include; social media marketing and management, customer service, calendar management, email filtering, etc. while they may not be the core of operations, they are definitely not “non-essential” because they each hold the business together by keeping customers aware of your services and prowess while keeping them satisfied. You might have the skills for these things but they require time and persistence, and there are only 24 hrs. in a day. Let your VA be in charge of managing these “less essential tasks”  

5. Capitalize on their specialization: – Over the years, virtual assistants have become way more than just “secretarial” services, all thanks to the internet which has greatly increased our relevance in the business world. Now, the diversity of people has enabled specialization in various areas to accommodate a broadband of services. As an entrepreneur, you are most likely not able to handle every aspect of your business including the social marketing strategy. Acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and then delegating these weaker areas to specialists will really grow your business.

7. Develop strategic partnerships: – Your virtual assistant doesn’t have to be just the “hired gun”. The erroneous belief that we would finish a job and never return is quite ironic since we are entrepreneurs ourselves looking to expand our business too and building reputation is an important tool. In order to maintain a good working relationship with you, we would constantly perform beyond expectations because satisfying our client is important to our growth. Parties with a common goal always achieve tremendous results and this can only be birthed by strategic partnerships. Communication is very important to keeping your VA abreast of the system will further increase his productivity which translates to the growth of your business. Be interested in his ideas, you never know, he might be the solution to a long-standing challenge


A virtual assistant if strategically utilized, can be the perfect maximization you need to grow your business. We are guaranteed to reduce the cost of operations while increasing productivity exponentially.

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