The rave for entrepreneurship is increasing daily. It is spreading across the globe like a wild, uncontrolled fire. In United States of America, more than 6% of the population have a business of their own they run full time. The United Kingdom is known to be one of the most entrepreneurial nations of the world. It is reputed as the fifth most entrepreneurial nation in the world following the likes of Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, and Singapore.

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Even though new businesses are springing up daily, not all businesses become successful. Statistics have shown that not all businesses live up to 20 years of existence. Some even fail after their first year of operation. This rate of failure is alarming. A critical look at the causes of the failure of business will leave your mouth ajar. Some of the reasons for business flops include but not limited to the following:

1.    11% experience failure as a result of inexperience

2.    30% fail from insufficient managerial experience

3.    44% of businesses fail as a result of incompetence.

Majority of these failed business owners were not doing things rightly in their businesses. They didn’t educate themselves well enough in the areas where they sense inefficiency and ineffectiveness. What they could have rather done was to employ the strategy of outsourcing. They could have outsourced the areas of their business where they lacked the requisite skill and experience. That way, they could have increased the possibilities of successes in their businesses and lives. The importance of the role of the virtual assistants cannot be underemphasized, especially in the areas of growing a business and changing one’s life.

How Hiring Virtual Assistants Helps You And Your Business

When you outsource projects in the areas you are incompetent with, you are leveraging on people’s skills to get the needed help you need, thereby accomplishing your goals in life and business. Whether it is in the area of project management, administrative tasks or organization, hiring virtual assistants will surely accelerate the growth/success of your business and directly improve your life. I want to show you how hiring virtual assistants can grow your business and change your life. Are you ready? Let’s dive in right away.

1.    They help in re-channeling your savings to other aspects of your business

A major reason business owner hire virtual assistants online is to reduce drastically, or to a small measure, the cost incurred on overhead. The cost of hiring a virtual assistant online to perform some tasks is usually lower than the cost of employing a full-time employee to do the same tasks as the business owners will be free from paying other bonuses and benefits to the virtual assistants. When you then consider that you don’t have to pay extra for office space and office equipment, you will have a conviction that hiring virtual assistants will help grow your business.

According to research carried out in 2015, it has been proved that hiring virtual assistants tends to save businesses a whopping 40% in expenses. How possible can that be, you’d ask? It’s possible as you will not need to allocate resources for the essentials in your business as a business owner since the virtual assistant will take care of them. A virtual assistant will cater to the needs of his power, bandwidth, internet access, and rent. That way, you are saving your business from spending unnecessarily. These savings can then be re-directed to cater to other critical needs in your business and to grow it.

2.    Working with reliable professionals

As your business volume increases, there might be a slowdown in delivery and turnaround time for projects, deliverables and outputs. At this point, you might want to consider scaling up. In scaling up, you will consider professionals to handle various aspects of your business as employees are the pillars of business. When the time comes to increase the workforce, going for home based online virtual assistants will be a wise decision. This will not only help in saving cost but also provide you with the flexibility your business needs. But take note of the following considerations so as you can get the best of reliability in outsourcing projects to virtual assistants:

(i)    Deploy the virtual assistants to areas that require greater attention

(ii)   Move from one virtual assistant to another immediately a project has been completed, and you need an entirely new skill set.

Working with virtual assistants leaves with assurance as you are dealing with professionals in their chosen fields. As such, you need not to spend a dime or time in training them as they have the competence and experience in getting jobs done for you.

3.    Hiring virtual assistants helps in organizing your business

A common sign of weakness in many entrepreneurs is their lack of organization. There is so much work for them to do that they fail to organize. It has cost havocs in many businesses. When you hire virtual assistants, you are growing your business by giving it the needed organization it should have. Organization in life and business leads to greater levels of productivity. You can improve your life and grow your business with organizational skill. But not everyone possesses this skill. That’s where virtual assistants come in play. One of the strengths of virtual assistants is an organizational skill. If you find yourself stressed up and disorganized in life and business, you need the help of a virtual assistant. A virtual will work remotely, set up and share everything about a project from beginning to the end. This makes delegation, collaboration, performance tracking within a virtual team very easy.

4.    You benefit from highly specialized skills

Everyone has one weakness or the other. You might be good in administration, but stuff like website updating and graphics design look like rocket science to you. Hiring a virtual assistant will put beauty to your weakness as what will take several days to get done will be simply executed by a virtual assistant who is proficient in those areas within a few hours. Virtual assistants keep up with the latest trends and update in their chosen niches, thereby giving business owners the best of services from their highly specialized or technical skills. Administrative tasks may be the most demanded service from virtual assistants, but you can easily find VAs that are highly specialized in the following services:

(i)    SEO

(ii)   Digital Marketing

(iii)  Research

(iv)   Accounting / Bookkeeping

(v)   Blogging

(vi)   Content management

(vii)   Video / Audio transcription

5.    Hiring Virtual assistants required zero training cost

A virtual assistant is generally skilled and experienced in a chosen niche. They know what to do in executing a project successfully. As such, you don’t need to incur any cost in training them. When you train new employees, it will cost you and your business money, time and efforts. But with the strategy of hiring virtual assistants, that will be non-existent. All you need to do is to discuss your projects with them and the desired outcome you expect. Viola! They will get it done for you.


There are tons of benefits you will derive individually from hiring virtual assistants. It is a proven method of achieving more with little. Don’t let your business go down the drain, get the services of professional virtual assistants and see your business snowballing and your life improving. 

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