WARNING: Do Not Take A Business Loan If You Don’t Know The Answer To This Question

At some point in their journey, small business owners may see the need to take business loans from banks and other sources. The reason for getting loans may vary from business to business.

While some small business owners consider taking business loans for the purposes of expanding their operation, others may simply just want to increase their working capital. The need to acquire a piece of equipment and to purchase inventory are other known reasons why entrepreneurs seek business loans from time to time.

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Getting a loan is good in itself as it can be all your business needs to grow, but it is also an expensive and delicate move. The more loans a business take, the more business debts it incurs overtime. Which is why taking a loan is quite a risky move if you’re a small business owner.

This is not to discourage you from getting those necessary funds your business needs, it’s just an eye-opener. If you’ve decided to go for that business loan, ensure you’ve carefully thought things through and know the answer to this important question – What will my payment schedule be?

There are loads of other questions entrepreneurs should ponder on before taking a business loan, but this is one aspect where small business owners make the error that eventually cripples their business.

When most small business owners in need of a business loan realize they are eligible for the required loan, they make the silly mistake of signing the papers without first considering if the payment schedule for the loan works well in their favor.

These days, lenders have adopted a more frequent payment schedule for every loan they offer. Gone are the days when banks and lenders required yearly payments for loans given out. Lately, monthly payments are even hard to come by as most lenders have resorted to demand daily and weekly payments.

So, if your small business isn’t such that gets consistent cash flow all through the month, it would be unwise to take a business loan from a lender who requires you to pay daily or weekly. Be guided.

Regardless of how much finance the bank or a lender offers you, always ensure the payment schedule suits you and won’t in any way inconvenience you or ruin your business.

Look into your business. How has it fared in the last six months? Has there been steady flow of income on a daily or weekly basis? If the answer to these questions is NO, then a lender who requires such payment schedule isn’t the right pick for you. Get a business loan elsewhere!

It may surprise you to learn that there are loads of options available to you when you’re in dire need of a business loan to keep your business running or get it expanded. So don’t just take a business loan from the first lender who comes your way, keep searching until you find that lender whose terms and conditions of payment sits well with you.

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