VA Patrick: Now You Can Focus On The Big Picture

We live in an era where individuals are burdened with the need to get a lot of things done in a short period. Business owners and execs are the most affected. There just isn’t enough time to respond to emails, answer and make calls, book flights, create spreadsheets, write content, update blog and manage social media pages. This is where the need for a virtual assistant comes up.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Isn’t Making Enough Money

It’s very tough today in the business world, due to market changes, fluctuation of income and evolvement in customers’ and clients’ demand. Setting prices is first and very important in shaping your customers’ request and dictating the success of your business. Entrepreneurs should caution themselves in order not to set prices too high as it could lead to shortcomings in areas of intended buyers. In other words, ensure your product doesn’t cost more than of your competitors’, to help you stay in line with the entire target market policy.

7 Fatal CV Mistakes That Leave Graduates Unemployed

As an HR person, I see over 100 to 200 CVs per day in my job. In most cases during recruitment, I receive over 2000 CVs for a specific job role. You can then calculate the figures when we have multiple job roles. I have decided to offer some advice to job seekers out there who are having lots of difficulties getting job interviews – even for jobs they are well qualified for.