VA Patrick's Referral Program

Everytime you refer a friend to VA Patrick and they buy our product, you and your friend get rewarded. While your friend gets 20% more hours, you earn N3,500, N6,000 or N10,000, depending on whether your friend's first order is the Basic, Standard or Premium package.

There's no limit to the amount you can earn from VA Patrick's Referral Program. If you refer 10 friends in a month who each purchase our Premium package as their first orders, you get N100,000 (N10,000 x 10). If you refer 100 friends whose first purchase is our Premium package, you earn N1,000,000 commission. It's as simple as that!


1. CREATE an account with VA Patrick.

2. LOGIN to your VA Patrick account and click on "Refer & Earn"

3. Click on "Tell a Friend." Enter your friend's email and hit the "Send Invite" button. An email containing your referral code will be sent to your friend, which they can use to sign up.

4. Copy the referral link by clicking on "Copy Referral Link." Paste the link on your WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups and other social media platforms, so your friends can join with your referral code.

5. Word-of-mouth remains the most effective marketing method. We encourage you to use it in promoting your referral code and link.

6. When you click on "Referrals", you'll see the details of your friends who have joined with your referral link (or code).

7. Your inflows (credits), outflows (debits), and commission balance is displayed on the Commission page. This is the page where you also withdraw your earnings. To do so, simply click on "Withdraw Balance" and enter the amount you want to withdraw, and your banking details. Your request will be processed within 3 business days.

NB: Commissions are earned only on your friends' first purchases. Subsequent purchases are non-commissionable.